How do I know this isn’t a phishing or scamming site?

This unofficial website does not ask for your Steam username, password, or e-mail address. When you click “Sign in through Steam” you are safely redirected to the official Steam website. The whole point of this is to authenticate users, providing important community information for us to use throughout the website. For instance, it is critical that we determine who is eligible to win a beta key and who is not, as our supply is in limited quantity. Another reason we require users to authenticate with Steam is that so that they are able to utilize certain functionality like creating new posts, commenting on other users’ posts, and of course taking part in an opportunity to win a beta game key. This is much faster and easier than requiring users to go through a familiar, tedious website registration process.

Finally, we want to make it absolutely clear that we utilize the official Steam API within legal means. Asking for personal credentials (e.g. a password) is a clear breach of the Steam API Terms of Use, and as a result this website would cease to function.

We hope this clears up potential concerns you may have.

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