How do i submit bugs/suggestions?

You need to login using your steam credentials. Our site will perform a check to see if the account your logging in with has the beta on it. If it does then that access is permitted. If you dont have the game the only thing you can do is view these things without interaction. To submit bugs you just click submit on the bug tracker portion and fill out the form as full as you can. To submit a suggestion just click submit on the suggestion portion.


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3 Responses to How do i submit bugs/suggestions?

  1. moT1v says:

    I would like to see the mp5 brought back. This gun is not only the best smg is most cases but i think the crowd would love to see it. New weapon for many and old timer for most. Also we need to see the cpl maps fire, mill, strike. These are great competitive maps that players would love. Just some suggestions.

  2. I would like to see skins for defuse kits. They can come in as their own case with keys. When defusing a bomb, there would be an animation showing off the skin with wire cutters and other things.

  3. red_dwarf says:

    Who can close reports? Issue I found is resolved in current version of the game.

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