My server wont show up on the server list.

If your CS:GO server wont show up on the Server browser and your running Windows then here is the fix.

Ensure sv_region is set.

Example: sv_region 255

Here is the legend.
0 US – East
1 US – West
2 South America
3 Europe
4 Asia
5 Australia
6 Middle East
7 Africa
255 World (default)

Run SteamCMD before starting the server. Once the server is running you can close SteamCMD. Every server after that will work as well. If all of the servers are terminated then you must do this again.

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  1. geniuS says:

    i set the sv_region 255 when i open the sv, but even though still no working… my sv does not appear in the list of the internet Svs.

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