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  1. fnK* says:

    Yes the way it works now is really bad. Basically how it works now is, it will only show the 5.1 option if u have a 5.1/7.1 device connected or a program like razer surround sound. The main PROBLEM that valve didnt think about is every headset it different, for example, I use razer kraken, and i disable the startup driver for 7.1 for windows because its bad and makes every sound low for the headset, but in game i use 5.1 as it has a great directional sound that way. But since i have that startup driver disabled. I cant get the 5.1 option in game, and when i enable it every sound on my pc is worse and especially csgo.

    I hope they revert the changed made to the audio and make it like it used to work.

  2. Zup100 says:

    Yes yes! Please confirm the bug and say to friends to confirm!

    Yes its strange. I was installing razer synapse right now and the same phenomena! When I’ve installed synapse and surround sound from razer then I went to CS:GO and Boom! There it is, 5.1 option in sound menu, but the sound is terrible, horrible, no comment!

    First I posted my message about this bug to Steam Support, and then replied -I’m paraphrasing “There is million different configuration and every user is different, so we cannot help you with your specific configuration”. So I replied to them that this is their game problem not mine, so they replied that they will redirect my bug to developers, but I’m waiting 5 days already now and there is no progress, so important thing is that you ask your friends to thumb up this thread with this bug so the developers have clear aim on it.

    So what we know so far is that they abandoned 5.1 output from the game and instead rely for system to tell the game what is 5.1 – 7.1 surround device. This is bad move, cause it will cause problems such as ours. Its bad for backward compatibility such as Creative Fatal1ty HS-1000 headsets with ” Sound Blaster X-Fi”, and there was many sound cards from Creative with this surround system and it was working perfectly with CS:GO and even with CSS I guess. Many people uses these cards to this very day right now, and they are still expensive and good for gaming. So Developers please give us back our beautiful sound!

  3. D3ADSH0T says:

    wow on my g430 it is available but not on my new hyperx cloud 2. i think this bug is appearing on 7.1 headsets only

  4. Zup100 says:

    Yes, cause CS:GO now detects which is 7.1 or 5.1 headset. Before it was just output pure 7.1 or 5.1 sound or Direct 3D sound. Valve, you shouldn’t police what headset we want to use and please don’t force compatibility with hardware!

    Thanks D3ADSHoT for posting and keep it going, repost this thread to the grandpa and even to your president if necessary…

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